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Silks Lounge

Our premier venue is situated on the 1st floor. The Silks Lounge has its own sound system, dance floor, ceiling to floor curtains that cover the windows and which can divide the venue up into 3 spaces plus an out-door balcony with tables and chairs.

Technical points:
4.6m high ceiling  
Rigging points
Lighting bars
Blackout Curtains (grey)
No Pillars in main room
Dimming lights
Inbuilt sound system
Internet access

Start your virtual tour of the Silks Lounge from here

Conference Set Ups

Silks Theatre
Awapuni Silks Lounge 1
Awapuni - Silks Conference 2

silks balcony

Awapuni - Silks Balcony

Dinner set ups

Silks Dinner 1
Silks Dinner 2
Silks Dinner 5

Trade set up

Awapuni - Silks Trade